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ARISE: The 18th Philippine Quill List of Winners.

The Philippine Quill and the Philippine Student Quill Awards honor exemplary communication research, programs, skills and creative work. All entries are subjected to  IABC’s global standards that measure and determine the finest, the sharpest and the brightest in the business communication industry among professionals and students, respectively.

This year’s winners come from a cross-section of public and private sector organizations, both large and small. The field was very vibrant this year, with over 800 entries reviewed by our esteemed evaluators.

(Winners are arranged in no particular order)

 Division 1: Communication Management Winners

Division 2: Communication Research Winners

Division 3: Communication Training and Education Winners

Division 4: Communication Skills Winners

Student Quill Winners 


You have truly RISEN to this unprecedented challenge of our times, and you have performed a great service to your organizations and to Philippine society.  Mabuhay kayong lahat!  

We hope to see you all at the Virtual Awards night this March 2021.

Thank you so much for your support!