FAQ Category 1

Generic Questions

Is the Quill Awards for IABC Members only? Can anyone submit entries?

Anyone whose project fulfills the requirements indicated above can join the Quills.  However, IABC members will enjoy a membership discount.  It’s better when you are an IABC Philippines member because IABC members have access to a global network and can acquire needed skills and gain knowledge through the many programs of IABC Philippines. As a member one gets a discount for every entry submitted – a definite advantage especially for multiple entries!

What is the coverage date for the projects/campaign/material?

Projects implemented from January 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021 can be entered. In some cases, planning or implementation of some phases of the entry could have begun before January 2020, in which case it is still eligible, for as long as implementation continued or ended between January 2020 to July 2021.

RETAINED THIS YEAR – COVIDCOMMS 2021: Covid-related projects conceptualized and implemented from January 2020 to July 2021

Can we submit an ongoing campaign/returning campaign, even as it had already been awarded in previous Quills?

If the entry is a previous winner in the past Quill Awards, it can still be entered but entry should clearly show a change or innovation from its previous version.

Is there a limit to the entries one company/agency/individual can submit for the year’s Quills?

Entrants may submit the same project in different categories, provided that the work plan fits the category description. An entry can be submitted only once in the same category. You may submit as many entries as you wish, but each entry needs its own Entry Form, Entry Fee, Work Plan, Work Samples and other requirements.

When can we submit entries?

You can start submitting entries starting October 4, 2021. Secretariat will communicate on a daily basis for updates as well as changes to the schedule.  Due to the Covid19 pandemic, schedules are all tentative or subject to change.  However, we intend to adhere to our schedules as much as possible.

FAQ Category 2

Fees and Payments

How much is the professional fee per entry?

Early Bird Rate

IABC Member: Php 5,000 (Membership ID number required) | Non-member: Php 7,000

Regular Entry Rate

IABC Member: Php 6,000 (Membership ID number required) | Non-member: Php 8,000 

Student Entry Fee: Php 500

All fees are inclusive of 12% VAT

Until when can I avail the Early Bird promo?

Pay on or before November 5, 2021 to avail the promo. 

Should I pay for my entries first before uploading?

Yes. Unpaid entries won’t be evaluated. You may send proof of payment to iabcphilippinesat30@gmail.com.

How can I pay for my entries?

Request billing from IABC Secretariat at iabcphilippinesat30@gmail.com.

FAQ Category 3

Entry Submission

Are you strict with the format of entries?

Yes. Evaluators are strict with the format. Incorrect format will be disqualified. For rules in formats, please make sure to read the guidelines.

If my files exceed more than 50 MB what should I do?

We suggest to convert your file to 50 MB or less. Our site will definitely not accept your file if it is more than the prescribed size.

My uploaded entry didn't appear on my Entries Tab, was it successfully uploaded?

It is possible that it was not uploaded successfully. Refresh the page and/or clear your cache. If nothing happens, try uploading your entry again.

I submitted my entry but the site didn’t give me the entry number. Was it successfully uploaded?

It was not successfully uploaded. Make sure that when you upload, the site will give you an entry number.

What to do when you cannot upload your entries.

Just refresh your page, sometimes the website crashes when there are too many entrants uploading their entries at the same time.

How to upload entries

  1. Visit www.philquill.com.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Click "Submit your Entries Now"
  4. Fill out the submission form.
  5. Click submit.

FAQ Category 4

Winning Entries

How would I know if my entry won?

A congratulatory letter will be sent out on the email address you provided on your entry form.

How do I reserve for the awards night?

There will be no actual awards night for this year due to on-going COVID-19 situation. However, we will be updating everyone regarding this year’s first-ever “virtual awarding”.