How much is the professional fee per entry?

For IABC members: Php 11,000 per entry. Non-members rate is Php 13,000 per entry inclusive of VAT.

How much is the student fee per entry?

Php 700 inclusive of VAT.

Should I pay for my entries first before uploading?

Yes. Unpaid entries won’t be judged.

How can I pay for my entries?

Request billing from IABC Secretariat at iabcphilippinesat30@gmail.com.

Are you strict with the format of entries?

Yes. Judges are strict with the format. Incorrect format will be disqualified. For rules in formats, please see e-brochure.

If my files exceed more than 50 MB what should I do?

We suggest to convert your file to 50 MB or less. Our site will definitely not accept your file if it is more than the prescribed size.

My uploaded entry didn't appear on my Entries Tab, was it successfully uploaded?

It is possible that it was not uploaded successfully. Refresh the page and/or clear your cache. If nothing happens, try uploading your entry again.

I submitted my entry but the site didn’t give me the entry number. Was it successfully uploaded?

It was not successfully uploaded. Make sure that when you upload, the site will give you an entry number.

What to do when you cannot upload your entries

Just refresh your page, sometimes the website crashes when there are too many entrants uploading their entries at the same time.

How to upload entries

1. Visit www.philquill.com.

2. Create an account.

3. Click "Submit your Entries Now"

4. Fill out the submission form.

5. Click submit.

How would I know if my entry won?

A congratulatory letter will be sent out on the email address you provided on your entry form.

How do I reserve for the awards night?

An update on the seat reservation will be announced.