Division 4: Communication Skills

The communication skills division includes marketing and communication elements that showcase technical skills such as editing, writing, design and multimedia production. Entries in this division are generally tactical in nature. Entrants must demonstrate strategic alignment, the creative process and measurable results.<

Category 20: Special Events

  • Planning and execution of a special event for an internal or external audience.
  • For internal audiences, this may include employee appreciation events, or events that mark a significant occasion such as an anniversary, internal conference or meeting, or a celebration or special retirement.
  • For external audiences, this may include conferences, workshops, anniversaries, official openings, product launches, road shows and customer events.

Category 21: Digital Communication

  • Computer-based communication vehicles defined as the end product that are produced for internal or external audiences, and rely on a digital communication channel for delivery.
  • Electronic and interactive communication channels such as websites, intranets, online stores, blogs, podcasts, social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, democratized content networks such as wikis and message boards, micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, content-sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr, and virtual networking platforms.
  • May also include electronic newsletters, electronic annual reports, special publications, CDs or DVDs, e- cards, banner ads, buttons, pop-ups and similar material.
  • Generally one-way communication that offers published content online.


Category 22: Audio/Visual

  • Communication vehicles produced using sound, images, video, film, slides, CDs or a combination of these elements.
  • May include video, audio, PowerPoint or other presentations, and films. Does not include advertising commercials.

Category 23: Publications

  • Publications produced for internal or external audiences in all formats, including hard copy and electronic May include magazines, newspapers, newsletters or tabloids, annual reports, books, special publications, brochures and other advertising material, e-newsletters, and similar material.

Category 24: Writing


-Material in which the news media is the primary communication channel.
-May include, but is not limited to, editorials, interpretive/expository articles, news releases, and feature stories.


-Material written primarily for use by an organization to inform or educate employees or external stakeholders.
-May include recurring features or columns, magazines, newsletters, internal or special publications, stand-alone features, speeches and presentations, executive correspondence, scripts for corporate use, writing for an intranet, internal publications, technical writing, and annual and special reports.


-Material written to persuade customers, consumers, employees or stakeholders to adopt a point of view or to purchase goods or services. -May include commercials, advertising, marketing or sales promotion material, advertorials and writing for the Web.


-Material written to promote non profit organizations, including IABC regional and chapter events.


-Books (fiction and nonfiction), educational material, scripts for theatrical use, and other writing projects not covered above